Who made this site?

We're a group of concerned Californians. Some of us have friends who were affected by the fire. All of us decided we wanted to stop feeling helpless and do something to help. Because we work in marketing communications, we have the ability to mobilize and get the word out quickly, so that's what we're doing.

Why should I help NorCal?

Long after the news cycle ends, Northern California fire victims will need help to rebuild their lives. Thousands lost their homes and jobs. Too many lost loved ones. The goal of this site is to keep the story alive and donations pouring in long enough for them to get the sustained support that they need.

Where is the money going?

We are not collecting or distributing any money – our goal is to spread the word and help people donate to relief organizations easier. The links on this site will lead you to fundraising pages of organizations that are working to help Northern California recovery efforts. If you choose, you can donate to some or all of them.

We have done our best to list all of the legitimate recovery organizations here, but you are ultimately responsible for evaluating them and deciding which ones you choose to support. Although we are not affiliated in any way with Redwood Credit Union, we included a link to donate to their North Bay Fire Relief Fund because it is the only fund we could find that supports recovery efforts in all affected counties, and we didn't want to focus on helping one county over another. Devastation is devastation, no matter where it is.

What else can I do?

Make a bigger impact: contact organizations about volunteer opportunities, share this site with friends, post flyers or hold a fundraiser in your neighborhood. Do what you can to help us keep the story alive.

Contact us with questions or suggestions for the site.